Bikram Yoga

Incredible 90 minute total body workout. 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises intended to purify and cleanse the mind, body and soul. This is a dynamic class suited for beginners and experienced students alike, with an emphasis on proper alignment, breath flow and precise movement intended to increase your endurance, flexibility, strength, and concentration. Students of any level are encouraged and welcome.  Students can take breaks at any time by sitting down or laying down.  Classes are full of men and women, people of all ages, sizes, and levels of strength and flexibility.  Yoga room is heated to 102-105 degrees.

Hot Yoga Express

Wonderful 60minute yoga class.  Very beginner friendly and great for all levels too.  Classic Bikram Yoga sequence with one set of some postures and two sets of other postures.  This class increases flexibility, strength, and endurance.  Fantastic workout for your whole body.  Yoga room is heated to 102 – 105 degrees.

Inferno Hot Pilate’s

High intensity interval training using Pilates principles.  This is a fun, challenging class that keeps your heart rate up and your body moving.  In this class you will burn hundreds of calories.  The Pilate’s exercises in this class strengthen, tone and sculpt your entire body, with an emphasis on building core strength.  We play motivating workout music to keep the energy up.  Classes are 60 minutes.  This class is for all levels.  Always talk to the instructor about modifications if you have any injuries, or if any moves seem out-of-reach for now.  Your body will change and get incredibly strong if you practice 3+ days per week.  The room is slightly heated (90 degrees).

Radiant Fusion Flow

A wonderful beginner/intermediate friendly fusion flow class in a very lightly heated room (90 – 95 degrees).  Bringing together components of Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha.  Fantastic workout.  This class will strengthen, tone and stretch your body.

Flow Into Yin With Live Sound Healing Music

Warm your body up with an active Vinyasa flow, linking your movement to your breath.  Then restore with gentle Yin postures that are held for longer periods accompanied with live sound healing music, allowing your body to relax and renew.


This wonderful yoga class links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. Vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow.  This class is very beginner friendly and challenges intermediate yoga practitioners.  This class combines vinyasa flow with slower deep stretching, back strengthening and hip openers.  Lightly heated (90 degrees).

Restorative Yoga Flow

This class is designed for opening up tight hips and legs to relieve lower back and sciatic pain in a slightly heated room. This class is perfect for any level and will help increase flexibility, mobility, and improve alignment. Combined with meditation and energy work, this flow will leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

Candle Light Kundalini

Feel renewed with this candlelight Kundalini meditation and yoga class. This class is designed to awaken and center the kundalini rising energy within; tapping into your infinite potential. Evoking this energy purifies your system and releases any mental, spiritual, and physical blocks. The class will begin with a standing meditation, followed by a kundalini yoga flow, and ending with a guided meditation.  This class will leave you feeling renewed, connected to your full potential, and free of negative energy.

This is a very beginner friendly Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class.  Very light heat.  Relax, unwind, feel amazing.  Yoga room is decorated with Candles and white lights.